Growing up I listened to many, many artists, genres, and musical geniuses. I was blessed to have a pretty musical family as well as talented musicians as friends. I always knew I would be involved in music somehow, but never knew exactly what or when. I learned to play guitar at a young age which basically transpired into me learning cover songs, and eventually writing my own music. At the age of 14 I wrote my first song which ended up being my first song I ever recorded "Nothing's Stopping Me." My first EP excitingly went to country radio and took me on several radio tours where I ended up making many friends and awesome memories, such as playing The CMA Festival in Nashville. It has been a couple years sense I've released anything new, due to me writing and truly taking my time with what I feel is next, as well as spending time with my family. My new EP "Fade Away" is all together a new genre for me. Electric Dance Music has always been a bucket list item and also one of my top favorite genres to listen to. I was excited when my journey led me here. I believe that my music is always going to be changing, just as my life is. This song was awesome to write and record. I consider this my baby and something that I hope will open doors to new fun adventures ahead! 

​       This story of mine is on a crazy ride that I couldn't even imagine, but I can't say thank you enough to the support and love you all show me. I truly hope you enjoy my new release "Fade Away" and share it, jam to it, and truly remind yourself to let go and experience life to its fullest.

Pictures by ChelseaRanaPhotography!

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